Santiago Benavides Camargo

pilot in Bogotá, Colombia

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my name is Santiago Benavides Camargo, i born on January 14, 2000, in Bogotá, Colombia. Son of Mario Benavides Becerra and Margarita Camargo Rodriguez, i have two brothers Mario and Julian Benavides Camargo.

I am a proffesional pilot actually i´m working in the Emirates airline piloting a Boeing 777-300ER.

I used to go in my primary school to Parroquial Rincon De Suba, but my secundary school was in Usaquen IED where i finised with honors, i studied my carrer in the United States, it was a proffesional pilot.

I´ve been practicing my carrer for over 9 years, study English, French and Mandarin, now i´m learning German, and i live in England with my family