Santi Scalzadonna

Infrastructure and Cloud Operations in Barcelona, Spain

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I am a Software Engineer based in Barcelona, with over 20 years of experience in web and software development projects.

I’ve acquired professional experience designing, building and maintaining enterprise wide software, as well as many web projects, webapps and e-commerce sites for diverse industries in: media, IT, education, transportation, telecommunications and retail.

Being part of teams spread over the globe, I had the opportunity to learn from great people and develop soft skills like communication, mediation and negotiation. I am keen on learning from pioneers and experts in the field, and teaching what I learn to my colleagues and peers.

As part of my career advancement, I’ve developed a strong LEAN based culture for product development, delivering outstanding results, always accountable to plan, scope and quality.

I've also had the opportunity to provide support and advice for data-science related projects where I blend my experience in front end web technologies with data analysis, visualization and communication to transform data points into interactive web based visualizations.

Having a diverse mix of working experience, from traditional corporations to tech startups, I found my passion in the intersection of agile development and IT operations, and the possibilities it allows to prototype, build, deploy and maintain robust solutions in cloud environments using open source technologies.

Last, but not least, I’m always looking forward to creating and delivering value and profit for the common good of people and the environment. I had developed a passionate entrepreneurial spirit related to nature and travel, based on the concepts of sharing economies and green alternatives & solutions.

At the moment I’m working in Cloud Engineering consultancy focused on continuous integration, delivery, deployment and automation using community-backed open source tech stacks.

  • Work
    • United Nations ICC
  • Education
    • CNCF
    • UE Siglo 21
    • UTN - FRC