Paola Santoro

Rome, Italy.

I started my career creating stories for cinema and television.
Later, I embraced the digital culture and I took a new, ever evolving, professional direction. The transition from broadcasting to "the Net" was quick and natural.
My eyes are always on the emerging reality and I like to focus on techonological, innovative and deeply humanistic projects.
I love to tell and teach what I learn through training projects and events related to the digital innovations.
I am an effective problem solver, a communicator and a tireless researcher, hungry for information. I love exploring social media, investigating their effects in everyday life and imagining possible future scenarios.

I'd like working in edutainment field, tv productions and service design.
I am an optimist and I strongly believe in sustainability and collaboration between the genders.

My motto is "The weakness is a great thing, and strength is nothing." (A. Tarkovsky - The Stalker)

  • Work
    • Teacher and Trainer