Santosh Adhikari

Small Business Owner in Kathmandu, Nepal

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My name is Santosh Adhikari. I am a local guide based in Kathmandu, Nepal. Whether you are a first time visitor or seasoned traveller, as a qualified Guide I aim to help make your visit interesting and unique, through my skills both of entertainment and guiding. I can suggest special itineraries tours such as cultural and historical trips you plan that exclusive, individual and personal itinerary which is exactly to your liking. Nepal is a unique identity, a melting pot of different cultures. So come and join me on your next trip to Nepal and you too can be an eyewitness to my world. You'll be sure to take away many fun-loving memories that will last a lifetime and maybe take away a memory of me as well. Please do not hesitate to contact me to plan your holiday in Kathmandu and Nepal.