Santosh David

I am an aspiring Art Director. My primary education was in a small town near Madurai, India. I moved to Chennai (Madras) a metropolitan city in India, when I was 13 in my grade 8. Even as a kid, I was interested in media. As I grew up I developed an interest in PSA's and Advertisements. I grew fascinated with the field and started critically analyzing and breaking down the advertisements. That curiosity encouraged me to take up Bachelor's in Visual communication. I was very good in academics and extra-curricular activities in college and I have acquired a very good skill set.

Though Visual communications taught me a lot about media, I wanted to branch out and specialize in Advertising. I took up an internship with Ogilvy and Mather Advertising agency, Chennai. The two months I spent there was very rewarding and insightful. I developed a thirst to learn more, explore more about various advertising strategies. It provoked me to apply to the CAB (Creative Advertising Program) at Seneca College, Toronto. The opportunities presented to us during the course of study left me speechless.When we were barely toddlers in the field, we were given opportunities to design strategies for multinational brands and pitch to renowned agencies like D.D.B and Grey.

Its beyond the point of just a field of study. It has become a part of me. As my professor once said, "You are not an advertising student, you are a student of advertising, because advertising changes every second and you have to be prepared to learn from it all your life." I still want to learn and acquire a lot more knowledge and skills in this exciting arena of advertising and hopefully someday achieve my dream of being an Art Director.