Sabrina Antou

Sabrina Antou

Sabrina Antou, the founder of Business Finances Made Easy has a Master in Finance and has been working as a Credit Analyst since 2002 in Frankfurt and London City for the largest American and European Investment banks such as JP Morgan, Citigroup, UBS and rating agency Moody’s.


Business Finances Made Easy’s mission is to help business owners get additional funding and become more confident with their finances.

Company Description

Business Finances Made Easy provides you with a 3 step process where

1. You learn to understand your finances perfectly

2. You will know which key figures to point out to your banker to show you are performing well

3. You will receive a tailor made presentation on your finances that you will be able to use with any fund provider.


The company offers Video Training sessions, Webinars, Ebooks, Workshops and One to One Coaching Sessions

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