I'm an Industrial and Strategic Designer from Colombia who's always looking for new perspectives and possibilities. I design because it's truly my passion and it's the way I relate and express my ideas with the world. My ultimate goal is to leave a legacy or footprint in the world, which stems from a desire to create something radical, new, share my vision and change how others view the world.

I believe Design Thinking is indispensible to accomplish this goal, because creative work must be accompanied by a structure that will help it transcend from idea to reality. Interdisciplinary, multicultural and sustainable work are also a crucial part to accomplish this objective. I'm certain that when these practices unite, they form indispensable tools to face the challenging years ahead.

I'm always seeking opportunities that teach me to reach a higher professional level, have a better understanding of my work, be on the cutting edge of world design, and have a real impact as a creative thinker. Although I might have a very mixed background, combining my passion for the automotive world, my love of beautiful objects and my new strategic and business outlook, I believe this is the result of my desire to never stop learning, transforming and challenging the way I look at the world.

Hope to see you in the future!