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"I was born. I struggled. I found music ... I Am Free."

The South raised him, the city groomed him; Santron is an artist of the world.

A native of Washington D.C. by way of Durham, North Carolina, Santron is no stranger to the rich complexities of strong southern roots. In his formative years, he learned quickly how to care for his siblings, help hold a household together and how to sacrifice often. Like most young people with big roles, he struggled with finding balance between what was needed of him and who he wanted to be. At times, the battle was so intense, it rendered him silent and withdrawn. His love of family and survival kept him going, but like all seekers, he needed something more.

In 2007, he discovered dance.A source of fun and fitness, he took to the artform like most of his peers took to sports. But the diversion turned into more than just a hobby after his first formal Hip Hop class teacher/mentor, Amanda Pope quickly identified him as "Something Special." She urged him to take more classes and to begin auditioning for major gigs in the area. In 2010,Santron landed his first principal role as a dancer / performer in a highly coveted Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

Within a matter of months he landed leading roles in prominent music videos, live TV performances and world tours with the likes of Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, Brandy, Rihanna, Eve, and Alicia Keys to name a few.

The rest was HIStory...

In 2011, Santron started SanAndre Productions as a way to organize and inspire youth with professional interests in the arts. He went on to work with Duke University students and faculty to choreograph and produce major productions for both the campus and extended community. His work as creative director, encouraged him to get more experiences and training of his own.

He carried his southern sensibilities for family and community to the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles, Las Vegasand New York Citywhere he studied acting, took vocal classes and trained with reputable companies such asAlvin Ailey.

Following the sudden passing of his mom, and a growing passion for deeper meaning and purpose in life, Santron began to explore the relationship between the arts, spiritualityand wellness. These investigations soon led him to integrating fitness and healthy eating regiments into his creative practice, but they also exposed what was missing.

His voice.

"Join me on this new adventure."- S.