Santuario Huistin

Doctor in Huanuco, Peru

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Santuario Huistin is a shamanic retreat center where one can begin a journey into total mind/body health and personal awakening. Set amongst the ancestral medicine trees in the Amazon rainforest and against a backdrop of a boiling volcanic river, Santuario is a center of dreaming, healing and detoxification, where one can restore oneself to a level of peaceful mindfulness in nature and recover one's vitality away from the stress and innervation of modern life in the city.

Here, under the guidance of the gifted Maestro Santiago Enrrique Paredes Melendez, a master curandero (shaman) and vegetalista with over thirty years experience in traditional plant medicine, you have a very personalized experienced with tailored "dietas" or medicine plant diets of flexible durations depending on your needs. Dietas can be as short as the eight day ayahuasca diet or extend for months in duration, depending on your needs. Working with ayahuasca in ceremony is only one important part of the process. The maestro has a large experience of the powerful properties of a wide variety of traditional Amazonian plant medicines and you will be administered with them during your retreat, depending on your needs.

The Santuario Huistin experience includes:

Ayahuasca ceremonies and authentic healings with an experienced maestro-vegetalista (plant spirit shaman).

Access to powerful traditional plant medicines

Floral baths made with the flowers of the jungle to attract love and luck.

Guided treks into the jungle

Santuario Huistin is also a place, very importantly, where one can heal and recover emotionally and spiritually and reconnect with nature and to the deepest and most sacred parts of oneself, to recover one's lost sense of joy, appreciation for life's gifts, and creativity.

Retreats are priced at a fixed rate of 200 Peruvian soles per day (approx. $65-70 USD) + 115 USD registration fee. All medicines, ceremonies, food and accommodations are included.

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