Sophia Anyatonwu MPH, CPH, CIC®

Leadership Consultant in Texas

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Motivated by challenges, working with passionate leaders, and exploring solutions. Currently on a much-needed leadership sabbatical. I have future goals to use my skills in a strengths-based team and environment. Apart from this, I have a desire to leave behind a legacy of beauty and freedom as part of my life's work.

I can usually be found helping to address local gaps/needs. This has allowed me to contribute to work in many different areas. Here are a few examples:


-Evaluating a maternal mortality review committee
-Assisting a Medicare-certified hospice with meeting its 5% cost-savings volunteer metric
-Building an organization to help graduate students become competitive for relevant epidemiologist jobs
-Contributing to local efforts aimed at preventing youth from being trafficked
-Developing consultation services focused on coaching leaders and team members into their roles
-Creating an initiative aimed at helping public health departments invest in developing a baseline surveillance skillset across their organization
-Creating an initiative aimed at helping epidemiologists utilize their skills strategically in order to impact communities and those in their spheres of influence
-Collaborating within professional communities of practice to deliver research, practice-based, or membership products
-Infectious disease case investigation and outbreak prevention


-Creating a space for early-career professionals to pause and process through their life/work experiences
-Collaborating on academic papers and evaluation efforts that are focused on population health

Below is an overview of my skills and areas of expertise:




-Project Coordination

-Training and Onboarding

-Succession Planning

-Technical Support




-Strategic Planning & Management

-Operational Planning

-Member Engagement

-Public Relations

-Technical Support

-Change Management




-Governmental Public Health


-Quantitative Research Methods

-Monitoring and Evaluation

-Scientific & Educational Program Planning (conferences, community presentations, etc.)

-Communications (social media, blogs, websites)