Sanyo Louise Ward

Maryland, USA

Love to design, from clothing to jewelry to interiors. I do creativity all day long! With much joy, I beautify your space with gorgeous furnishings and finishing touches tailored to your likes and needs, set the mood and functionality that you desire, with the end result being a space designed/decorated to define you - your lifestyle! It'll be beyond your expectations! Your smile is my joy!

In addition, I blog, own an online inspirational and relatable designs line of t-shirt, totes and things store! To add to that, I'm also a e-commerce merchandiser where you can find fashionable clothing and accessories. I'm also a published poet of a self-help poetry book, "Love & Consciousness" that can be found on Barnes and Noble and the likes. I also design a one-of-a kind handmade collection of jewelry, using precious and semi-precious stones/gems, authentic metals of brass, sterling silver, etc. I'm also an independent owner of a few home businesses relating to handbags, jewely, home decor and health.

I simply love all things natural and organic. I have a green mindset conducive to sustatinable living. I adore mother nature and deeply enjoy the great outdoors. I'm definitely spontaneously adventurous! Within the scope of my endeavors, I'm very passionate about it all and do it to the absolute best of my ability.

In my spare time, I love to sing (karaoke that is), dance, prepare/create my own veggie meals, continuously write, go biking or trail walking and/or running. To sum it all up, I engage wholeheartedly in the creative aspects of life. Design is essentially who I am from the inside out! That's just me, I'm a design goddess of some sort. It's embedded in my veins. I breathe, think, live and dream design. It shows in my personal style and space - my everyday walk in life!

Designfully yours,
Sanyo Louise Ward,

Peace + Joy + Love + Blessings!