Mae Bartizo

Camarin, Caloocan City

I am an ani-manga enthusiast. I like to read books in my free time (and watching shows too). I am usually called a resident weirdo. I also belong to the rotten-part of the otaku community which is degraded most of a time, a fujoshi. However, I am not afraid to state what I am so I'll continue loving it. (Screw the haters!)

Interested in arts particularly in drawing but I'm not confident about my works so I draw in a desperate way. I write stories both original and fan-fiction ones in the most random moments.
I'm an aspiring professional writer, photographer and finally, a competent figure in the multimedia arts scene.

I love Japan's culture and the place itself. I also like the captivating and historical place of Italy. They never fail to amaze me so I'm trying my best to learn their language and be fluent on it somehow.

With all that being said, Err...Nice to meet you all~!

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    • Multimedia Arts Student