Sapan Patel

Seattle, Washington, United States

Information Management Specialist & A Data Artist With A Knack Of Painting Information Out Of Data

I am a Data Engineer by profession. I Love Information Theory and have been living on "DATA". An ardent Technology Enthusiast and Evangelist. I also love Entrepreneurial advancements of any form. I am highly interested in Data Science, Machine Learning and Data Visualization.

I am a simple human being with sometimes complex thoughts. I like to chase my dreams and always seek the unknown !!

In parallel world I enjoy Explorative Travel, Adventures of all form, Photography & Trekking. I can't live without Music, Reading & Writing at the same time I am also a Self-Proclaimed Gourmet.

If you'd like to chat about Data Science Initiative, Start-up, Business Developement, Information Architecture Desinging or Data Visualization, you can drop me a line here or connect with me.

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    • Data Architect