SapeStar is an ethnic music group created by kuching's young modern sape' player Saufi Aiman. The purpose of this group is to showcase the borneo's musical instrument such as the " sape' ".

The Aim of this group is to gather all sape' music lovers especially researcher , performer , and also anyone who interested to learn about the Sape'.

If you happened to be a sape' player or you are interested in Learning to play the sape' in Kuching. Please drop by a message to us.

Our Future Planning.

Sape' Workshop
Sape' Ensemble
Sape' Cultural Performance
Sape' Fusion Group
Sape' Orchestra

SapeStar first project is the Sarawakian Fusion Band, the "SapeStar" which consist of 3 instruments , the Sape' , Electric Bass and Percussion. The purpose of this band is to Combine the traditional and modern music together. Besides that, new Song arrangement and song composition is written to freshens this music scene.