Michael White

I was born in a small town within a small town. Yep, kind of like putting a sandwich bag in a freezer bag. Bibb City fit snuggly into Columbus, GA. The Chattahoochee River was nearby. Imagine a really deep river with outlets that form small lakes. Now imagine the plug is pulled from the sink. You get Bibb City. It was basically a bowl. But it was a nice bowl. Little green flowers and smiling faces etched all over it.

Fast forward to a few years later, when my parents moved me away from the “promised land” and into the swampland. I lived in a small town called LaPlace, LA. It had some pretentious people living in it. No offense to anyone reading this who was from there. Heck, just the name meant “The Place” as if it was the only place that was worthy of being called “the” place.

Fast forward to meeting my wonderful wife, and a few years later when my daughter was born. The best days of my life started there. Don’t get me wrong, I loved hanging out with the high school friends (even though it was in Louisiana), but the wife and child are quite special to me.

Fast forward yet again to living with my in-laws in/near the big city of New Orleans. Ok. Enough of that.

Fast forward finally to Kentucky. Yet again, and happily so, a small town called Maysville. I’m once again in the “promised land” and am quite happy to spend the rest of my working days here. Sorry, but retirement will require a large block of metal on wheels with a bedroom, bathroom, satellite Internet and television, and yes, even a kitchen sink. But I’m not there yet. So as I raise my beautiful child with my wonderful wife, we will spend our time in Maysville. The scenery is gorgeous. And it’s not flat. Louisiana was flat. And wet. Kind of like a pancake before it’s had time to cook. Maysville is a juicy steak and a side salad. Oh, and no offense to those living in Louisiana either. Nothing against the people, just the place was so flat. And wet. And hot. And… Well, you get the point.

As for other details about me, I have a B.A. in English, an M.A in Teaching, and experience with Special Education students. I love video games. I practice magic tricks in my spare time. I design web sites and graphics. I write. I also… [walks off mentioning all of the little things he's done and enjoyed in his lifetime while chewing on a toothpick]