Sapphira J. Sinclair

A 20 something who lives in the worlds she creates in her head. As crazy as they are, she is the most content living between the characters of her imaginary worlds. Right now, she is working on trying to capture the essence of the people living in her head on paper or in this instance online on this blog. She has decide to put the struggles of her creative process and short excerpts on this blog to keep everything in one place. She is working on her first novel, a story about a girl and a boy, that she hopes have an edge and that she doesn’t end up writing a cliched story. Very passionate about her romances, she is always seen reading either on her phone or paperbacks. Books are her first and only love and even though she is yet to fall for someone as the heroines do in her head, she is very well versed with the intricacies of love, lust and heartbreak thanks to all the books she consumes on the daily basis.