Sapphire Independent Housing

Housing Association in London, United Kingdom

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About us

Sapphire Independent Housing provides accommodation and support to a diverse client group.

Sapphire Independent Housing is proud to provide quality services to some of London’s more vulnerable people.

Our portfolio includes temporarary accommodation (both supported and general needs) within a hostel setting, permanent general needs accommodation for single people and a small number of family accommodation.

Our Services

Sapphire Independent Housing has almost equal numbers of supported accommodation and general needs (independent) accommodation.

The criteria for living in supported housing is that the applicant is in need of support to maintain their accommodation. In addition, after a period in supported accommodation, many people make the successful transition to independent living. Working in partnership with other support agencies and stakeholders, we help residents in our supported schemes to develop the life skills they require to live independently in the community.

Sapphire Independent Housing does not operate an open waiting list for its self contained units. For most of our vacancies we are obliged to take nominations from bodies that helped to fund or facilitate the development of the units such as The Clearing House or Local Authority. Any other vacancies are offered to Sapphire residents from our hostels who have shown that they are ready to move on to the next stage of independent living.

With over 360 units we provide accommodation for a diverse client group across five boroughs. Each scheme has an individual admission criteria and specific referral routes. T