Marilyn Taylor-Coffey

Almost 49 y/o mother/grandmother and wife living in CA, but I totally represent my beloved home state of NYC. I am Harlem-born/Bronx-bred. I have many sides of me, as does most people. I am intelligent, witty at times (sarcastic most of the time) and at my age, I feel I can say whatever is on my mind. I don't look for drama, but depending on the situation, I won't necessarily run from it, either. I love music, many different kinds except gangsta rap (I am a woman, and I don't care to be called neither a b*tch or a 'ho, therefore, I am not overly crazy for it), and some country. I don't think it's bad, just not totally into it. Now talk to me about some REAL music (40s-mid80s), and we can deal. I love dancing, reading, laughing always, trying to re-establish my relationship with Christ (don't think I'm a saint, or a fake. I'm just me.)