Saqib Khan

Student, Musician, and Father in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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Hey there person looking at my profile. Doesn't matter if you wandered here by mistake or clicked on a random link directing you to this page. Now that you're here, let's get to know each other. And by each other I mean me :) So by now you might have guessed from the profile picture that I am a nerd. Well, you're not wrong there. I love science fiction and superheroes and yes if you asked me who I would dress up as this Halloween my answer would be "I'll be Batman" (in full Christian Bale imitating voice mode). But that's not all there is to the cute guy in the display pic. Nope. That is superman there. Me, I'm just a regular person who likes to joke a lot, eat burgers every day, play sports and oh yeah bug my wife by watching movies on Netflix instead of helping her do chores. What did you say? That's evil? Hell No!! That's marriage my good friend. Ok so I have to go save the world now. Be nice! Whoossshhh.......

  • Education
    • University of Calgary