Sara M. Bin Shams

I don't know why am here .. but lets see .. am a well educated , single , A web , Multimedia designer .. Half Egyptian " MoM" , Half Bahraini "DaD".. Proud of Both .. I have alot of political views and I have no fear to say them out loud .. I love to live life in an optimistic way .. I don't like to feel sorry for myself but I have a lot of compassion for people .. I kinda don't talk that much .. I preface to listen to people talking .. I find that If I do that I will learn more and not fall into a lot of mistakes .. but when I talk I go all the way and leave you with a piece of my mind .. I really wanted to be a journalist to write all sort of things from art and poetry to political articles .. but God had another plan for me so Al7mdllah and I can practice that later on in my regular life .. Love ?! .. will happen when it well happen , but I truly believe that true love comes after marriage .. you can like anyone you want but it will be love when you wakeup in the morning everyday to the same face for the rest of your life and learn to LOVE their mistakes and " difos " .. Family ?! .. I adore them .. they are all I have .. " Allah la y7rmny mnhm " both at home or back " home " .. I love to do everything with them and I rarely go out with anyone but them .. Friends .. mmmm .. got back stabbed more than I can remember .. I thank them cause now I know how to act and know people from the first few sitings .. al7mdllah I have 3 Gals that are worth the world " allah la yfr8 baina" .. well thats it folks .. any other questions please tweet or Facebook me .. or get to know me in a daily biases .. believe me .. I'm worth the time ..

for any more information:
BB Pin : 23C1734 .. mobile number : 00973-34155736 - 00973-36553514