Sara Anjanie

Toronto, ON, Canada

Founder of Sex and Cola (S&C) and APHROshizzle (AS), Sara Anjanie brought forth a refreshing air of diversity, empowerment, and mutuality within the virtual realm through her politics, writing, and videos.

After being noticed for her talent of the written word from the age of eight, Sara has been involved with various writing projects including, but not limited to, poetry and essay writing competitions, blogging, freelance copywriting and copyediting, and script writing.

Currently a fourth-year-student-on-hiatus at the University of Ottawa majoring in Women's Studies, Sara Anjanie continues to broaden her academic horizons by pursuing business-related courses such as Comprehensive Project Management (completed June 2013) and creative writing workshops at McGill University. Professionally, Sara is focused on creating a media and fashion hub through her brands S&C and AS.

Her corporate, media, and writing skills are for hire. Please see the links below to witness her work in action, or to see her live portfolio.

  • Work
    • Freelance Copywriter
  • Education
    • University of Ottawa
    • McGill University