Vine vixen

Northampton, Englnad

Vine vixen

Northampton, Englnad

When anyone starts up business it is difficult at first

Is it correct 'Does bare flesh and skimpy bikini's get you noticed?'.

There are so many ways of getting peoples attention such as walking up and down the high street in a chicken suit or something big and bold (it doesn't matter if your friends see you you face is covered lol) or leaving leaflets in shops or high traffic points such as local newsagents or food restaurants but that is only local.

If you want to get world wide that could be real expensive in postage but very resinable on the internet in comparison.

Visual information

Now visual and there in front of you is always more dynamic but advertising is a tricky thing to do. You have to have the right impact, type facing, layout, and pictures are good. If your doing something as a small time business as in just you to start with raw and personal is always best.

Now if your proud of an achievement then talk about it and share it with everyone. Personal goals that you have accomplished always shows a prospective customer that your loyal and won't give up at the slightest thing because it took you say like me 5 years to get to what i am today.

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