Sara Banerji

My tenth novel, Tikkipala, has just been published by Bloomsbury! 1t is set in a wild and inaccessible mountain top in South India, and tells the terrible tale of what happens when tribal people encounter the modern world.

My mother was a bestselling novelist at the end of the first world war. She brought us up to 'think stories. 'Invent an end for that. - What do you think will happen next?' We are descended from the family of Henry Fielding. That was genes. The luck came from literary agent, Gina Pollinger, who, nearly thirty years ago bumped into my mother at a party and was persuaded to take me on. Luck two, Joanna Goldsworthy, my editor at Victor Gollancz. Then Transworld published me with Joanna again editing me. After that Harper Collins. The timing - iBloomsbury re-issuing my first six novels at this very time, and at the same time as celebrating their first E birthday. I also paint, sculpt, keep hens and bees, grow all our fruit and veg, teach creative writing for Oxford University C.E. and have a glorious family of three daughters and five grandchildren and a husband who allowed me to go on writing even when the books brought in no money at all.