Sarah Afshar

Business Executive, Writer, and Activist in Idaho

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Growing up as an Iranian American woman in a small town, Sarah always aspired to be successful. Although being happy has always been in her forte, she learned to appreciate the good more than the bad, as the good is always what is remembered. As an optimistic woman by nature, she subsumes the stylistic reverie of happiness and perspicacious development as a modern samurai. Sarah has an unflinching ability to not care about those people who think lowly of her and is fearlessly skookum when it comes to standing up for what she believes in. Often dubbed a "renaissance woman" by family and friends, she is one of the few women in this world who makes herself a better person in spite of the adversity she faces.

Who is Sarah Afshar?

She is currently a business executive, as well as: a student, victim's rights advocate, human & animal rights activist, realist, and writer. In fact, her content has been featured on Examiner, AXS, Yahoo! Voices, Yahoo! News, Blasting News and more. As there is always some sort of goal in Sarah's life, she loves engaging in quite a few projects and ventures.

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