Sarah Failla

Wife. Mom. Coach. Business Owner. Traveler. Teacher. Strategist. Encourager.

I am a down to earth, let's-not-complicate-things kind of woman. I have a chill temperament, so I appreciate the friends in my life that bring wild energy and laughter. Over the last 5 years I have been on a journey towards getting healthy, but it's just one of many areas in life I care about. I like to get up, get my workout done, and then move on with my day. I mentor women in the areas of fitness, finances, and family. I have been serving people internationally for over 12 years, living the last 3.5 years in China. I love to travel, and have visited over 40 countries.

I have two boys, Joshua Diego is almost 6 and Zachary Drake is 2 years old. Diego is my prince charming and Zachary is my joy. We've also miscarried 5 sweet babies.

I love a challenge and am devoted to my family and our dreams. I don't know how to give up and I enjoy doing what others think is impossible or too hard. I love managing finances. I've been to 42 countries.

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