Sarah J. Storer

Columbus, OH

I do cool things online, from writing for an international community about life, love and relationships, to crafting content marketing strategies for individuals and businesses with heart, to creating blog posts, video scripts, Tweets and more.

Soooo...I'm pretty much a glorified writer, which means I'm living my childhood dream, just not in the way I expected. Score!

All the cool things I do online lead to offline opportunities, so you might see me guest lecture a journalism class at OSU, perform improv or standup comedy for some moderately drunk people, or host an event or podcast.

See? All those hours of practice as a kid making faces at myself in the mirror have really paid off.

Either that, or it was the first sign of what some people might call my "extreme narcissism."

Just kidding! I'm wonderful.

Check out my most recent projects! My book, How to be Dumped: the Definitive Breakup Guide...

...and the Relations Podcast. Do it, do it!

  • Work
    • Content Marketing Strategist
  • Education
    • BS, Communication | MS, Marketing and Communication