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Sarah J. Storer

Motivational Entertainer, Consultant, and Instructor in Columbus, Ohio

I want to live a joyful life and share that joy with others.

Sometimes it happens with something as simple as smiling at a stranger.

Sometimes it happens with helping people understand their "why," and showing them, at the end of the day, that they matter.

More often, it happens from a stage where I've figured out how to weave a bawdy story with an original song about a horrible ex-boyfriend and tying that all into an inspirational rant about how we all get to see and enjoy the greatness in ourselves.


I inhabit the space between comedy and motivation, between laughter and empowerment, between song and "oh dear god, yes she did just sing an entire song about THAT."

My goal is always to entertain while providing value. Because happiness is pleasure at a well-timed joke, but joy comes in knowing that we shared something together and we walked away a little better than before.

So what does that look like? Check it:

Speaking: I motivate, inspire and entertain crowds on how improv can improve your business and life, how understanding your "youest you" will revolutionize the way you market and how the power of story can move and inspire action in others.

Teaching: I instruct, encourage and create space for groups to embrace the spirit of "yes!," harness the power of fiercely unique individuals working together in teams and to welcome failure as a form of growth into their lives or business.

Consulting: I work with businesses to uncover their "why" and give them a practical framework to execute and provide ultimate value for their customers.

Entertainment: I perform an 80 minute, one woman show called "Masterdating: One Woman's Musical Journey to Loving Herself", which combines elements of storytelling, improv and music that delivers a comedy experience with heart.

So there you have it. Let's connect and share some joy together.

  • Education
    • BS, Communication | MS, Marketing and Communication