Sarah Kensington

Sarah Kensington, owner of SLK Designs, LLC., offers a number of interior design expertise. Her talents are well known and wanted around the world. Sarah is currently working on renovating several corporate apartments in New York as well as a few projects in the Caribbean and Paris. Sarah loves anything that has to do with fashion, delicious food, photography, travel, and anything related to design (housewares, interior design, art, architecture). Although she doesn't have much time for it these days, Sarah enjoys working with clay and painting.

When Sarah gets time away from her busy career, she enjoys traveling the world. She has visited a number of different places including Bali, China, Japan, Russia, Cuba, Australia, Belize, Brazil, Colombia, France, Italy, England, Middle East, Israel, Africa, and all over the United States.

Reading is another favorite past times that Sarah enjoys. She is currently reading Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott. Her favorite book is by Ayn Rand; Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead. Sarah is a lover of classic novels such as Dracula, The Hobbit, and Sherlock Homes.