Sarah Carter

Layer de La Haye, Colchester, Essex

***On February 1st, 2014 the next adventure in my life began. For the next several years, I'll be traveling around the world on a budget of $50 a day - taking the slow, local lane, not the TSA approved, speedy boarding bus. During this time, I'll be writing home through social on adventures, social and the use of differing communications around the world. I hope to see you on my travels!****

At 17 I joined the workforce as a taxi driver and remember my roots well, (and of course expect to be tipped too..). It took a stint with IBM, then a software developer in Vancouver, Canada along with some time perfecting sandwich artistry, before I moved to the IT security market some (ahem) years ago, where I joined the management, then main board of a UK security and storage reseller, floated the company on AIM, acquired a few others and then sold it.

After taking a few months to renovate an 1850's cottage, race a yacht from the Canaries to the Caribbean. selling the contents of the loft on ebay, and reading the library dry of everything and anything, I headed once more into the IT industry..

Spending some four years of delivering the marketing of the Unified Communications and Social Network enabling solutions for FaceTime (now Actiance) in Europe and Asia Pacific, I then relocated to California, taking on the challenge of VP Marketing - and a rebrand, as we formally changed our name from FaceTime Communications, Inc. to Actiance on January 25th, 2011

I spent two years of heading up Actiance's Social Business where we focused on enabling individuals and organizations to realize the benefits of social media and social business in an effective and appropriate fashion - while meeting any regulatory and legislative requirements. In this time, I became an IBM Redbooks Thought Leader, an IBM ICS Champion for 2014 and a recognized speaker on social business in financial services.

Feb 1, 2014:

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