Sarah Lucia


Just a girl trying to find her way in life. I am the type of girl that likes to do a bit of everything. I have been taking courses of all sorts my whole life trying to figure out what I like. After high school I took a break and when I went back to school I have taking Wedding Planning and Cake Decorating classes. Then I was introduced to Korean dramas which led to me to learning Korean as a professional matter. I took a Korean class but found that to be worthless to me because I can learn much better and more by being surrounded by Koreans rather then a classroom of learners. I am currently in the process of learning Korean and I am hoping to continue with it for as long as possible. My goal is to know it fluently.

I love traveling and experiencing the world from a different point of view. When I travel I want to LIVE in the country rather then tour it. So far I have only been to Seattle, San Diego, Toronto, & New York. I havn't been to much yet but I have the goal of traveling the world as much as I possibly can. My goals are to travel to Asia and see as many of the Asian countries as possible. More specifically Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, and others. Ideally I wish I could also learn all of those languages but, unfortunetly, the brain can only handle so many languages at a time. I also would really love to go back to learning Spanish and go visit all the Spanish speaking countries such as, Ecuador, Spain, Mexico, the Republic of Dominican, etc. Also so many of the other countries in the world I would love to travel too.

My goal is to learn as many languages as possible so that I can communicate the best way I can with all the different cultures out there. I am also currently taking TESOL course so that I can teach English to people, either that be in my home country or in other countries while I am traveling.

  • Education
    • Korean. Wedding Planning. Cooking. Baking.