Sara Upton

Writer in Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Hey everyone! I'm Sara Upton, a freelance writer based out of Minneapolis, Minn. with a passion for technology, fitness, and fashion.

Since graduating from University of Minnesota back in 2009, I have supplemented by writing career with a variety of day jobs that have actually served as the inspiration behind some of my articles. For instance, I may have never gotten so interested in fitness technology without my gig at a local coffee shop.

When it comes to fashion, I like to go beyond simply highlighting the trendiest and hottest looks of the season. I prefer to dig deeper into how the fashion lines came into existence—and the ethics behind them. It's important to me to know where the clothes came from, how they were made, and the material they're made of.

As a freelancer, I am interested in writing for any publication that shares my interests, so feel free to check out some of my previous work at my Wordpress site and email me if you'd like to connect!

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