Sara Peralta

Lisbon, Portugal

I'm a portuguese Film enthusiast and Techie.

Discovering a passion and curiosity for Film, I studied Audiovisuals, learning Photographic and Film/Video Arts. I took a "Camera and Lighting" course, specializing in Camera work and Cinematography, and also, a "Theatrical Technician" course, learning a broad range of skills for Performing Arts and Entertainment.
I love both these worlds and am always eager to learn. Behind a camera or lightboard, I'm happy, or just working backstage at a venue or as part of a film crew, helping making something great happen.
Having learned Photography from autodidactism and throughout my several studies, I practice that as well, mostly doing cultural reporting (where I also do some writing).

I have volunteered at Film Festivals and other events, and would like to do other volunteer work.
I try to be on top of my city's cultural offer and enjoy the free happenings. What else? Like any healthy person, I like music, movies, and books... I appreciate good TV, am no stranger to gaming, have a close but healthy relationship with the internet, know my way around computers, and can not understand anyone who doesn't like chocolate, pizza, or Monty Python.
I'm interested in Art and Life, nature and travelling, the world and everything interesting. And I'm too young for a biography.
For now, that's all folks.

> Links to my LinkedIn and to my Vimeo and Photography Portfolio (both W.I.P.) are listed below. <

I'm open to collaborations, so don't be shy.
(Wanna make a movie? Count me in; Have an idea for an animation? I've done that too; Need a photographer? E-mail me; ... )

And if you happen to work in the industry of Film or Performing Arts, I'm seeking any kind of opportunities.

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