Sari Grove

Ontario, Canada

Sari Grove

Ontario, Canada

A Vase is a Visual Artist Self-Employed...*I subscribe to the Viennese Secessionists' notion of Gesamtkunstwerk...*That long word means a comprehensive body of work...*Which means that I stretch my skills from sculpting to painting to weaving to the other art disciplines...*

DIY Cancer Repair Manual Includes DIY diagnostic Joseph & Sari Grove

*You can read my 9 books for free(Grove Health Science Series) on my website as PDFs

(you can buy them as paperbacks on Amazon)...

(Book 1)"Grove Body Part Chart:A Medical Arts Innovation",

(Book 2)"Do it Yourself Medicine:A Repair Manual"

(Book 3)"Algae+Rhythm, Algae-Rhyme:Apt Surgical Rotation App"...

Grove Health Science Series:Book 4(talks about the results of our research in Book 3-how to get rid of a breast cancer lump non-surgically)...

Book V:The Brain

RepoWoman:Book 6-is about a nonsurgical DIY protocol to get rid of a breast cancer lump...

Book 7 is a textbook for the Keen medical Mind

Book 8 has 2 tutorials-How the human machine works(our chart), & how to get rid of a breast cancer lump...

Book 9 is: DIY Cancer Repair Manual

Visit our Blog to read new discoveries & research in Art in Medicine...

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