Sarina Brewer, taxidermy artist

Artist and naturalist in Minneapolis, Minnesota

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October 2021 marked the 17 year anniversary of the birth of a genre of pop-surrealist art dubbed "Rogue Taxidermy". The genre was the brainchild of Sarina Brewer and cohorts Scott Bibus & Robert Marbury. Together they spearheaded an art movement that has continued to gain momentum exponentially. Since its inception the genre has proven to be as controversial as it is contagious. Images of this unique variety of work now saturate every corner of the internet and it has inspired a revolution. The introduction of Rogue Taxidermy created a trend in the art world that changed the perception and assumptions about taxidermy, not only in galleries, but also in contemporary aesthetics. Its presence in galleries has carried over into popular culture, as attested to by the countless window displays and home decor magazines featuring decorative objects that mimic taxidermy. The trio's efforts laid the foundation for what has since exploded into a global phenomenon, and Brewer is recognized as a key figure in the movement whose work jump-started the popularity of taxidermy-related art in North America.

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