Sarah Khalil

Paris, France

Sarah Khalil

Paris, France

As an IT Project Manager, which means that I attend to manage projects as a technical person, I manage several projects at SensioLabs. My role is transverse, between technical and functional.

Projects I work on are developped in Symfony2, Symfony 1.4 (PHP5+).

I carry out those project with agile (Scrum) methodology. There are immutable steps we follow with my teams:

Poker Planning

Sprint Planning

Daily stand up

Board with post'its (Trello / real wall)

Burdown chart


I also give a great importance to human management: team building, pair programming (really important to build confidence in tasks and help with client needs comprehension), communication, discussions with all actors of the project to find solutions.

I also participate to call for tenders from precise elaboration of the customer need (functional and technical) to estimations.

For me, the most important things are to make sure that the client is satisfied and, as a developer myself, that developpers are happy to deal with intereresting technologies.

I also step in recruitement at SensioLabs. Feel free to contact me if you want to apply at SensioLabs, it would be a pleasure to communicate your application to SensioLabs or Extrême Sensio.

My CV online:

I'm passionate by web new technologies (programmation), by project management using Agile Methodologies (Scrum, KanBan, Xtrem Programming), video games and cinema.

I also like photographs (urban…) : Flickr

  • Work
    • IT Project manager @ SensioLabs
  • Education
    • Engineering school (Ece Paris)