Sascha Endlicher, M.A.

Photographer, Consultant, and Politician in Reiskirchen, Deutschland

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I like humanist ideals and try to live them.

I'm a late diagnosed active type 1 diabetic who loves (aerial) photography, has a Master's degree in Political Science and Linguistics and is working on cutting edge web hosting technologies.

I was diagnosed as a type 1 diabetic at the age of 38, an age that is rather uncommon for this type of diagnosis that is usually given to children and teenagers. The diagnosis was given when I had a thrombosis in my right eye, resulting in temporary loss of vision. I underwent a new laser treatment and got back a 125% vision and I changed my life style to help get my blood sugar under control.

In the area of photography, I am mainly interested in the change of perspectives. As aerial photography and filming open new perspectives, this is what I am mainly interested in since 2014.

I received my Master's degree in Political Science and Linguistics in 2012. My thesis was on a critical comparison of the positions of Germany and the United States in Operation Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom. I focused on Political Theories and their impact on the positions.

After I finished my studies, I became involved in Politics and to date I participated in three campaigns. In 2016 I was elected as the frontrunner of my party as a representative in my county's parliament.

As far as web hosting technologies go, I have developed a solution that speeds up the rendering of PHP based websites from an average of 6.5 seconds to 0.001 seconds. I have strong experience in speeding up websites as well as grey- and blackhat knowledge on website and server security, always based on the latest technology. My currently favorite things I work with are still cPanel, nginx with http/2, MariaDB, Centos 7, Proxmox, and Docker.

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