Sathya Pramod Prasad

Redlands, Califiornia

Hello! Thanks for checking my profile. I am a wannabe entrepreneur originally from Bangalore, India currently in Redlands, CA working for Esri. I have a computer science and business background.

Geek Cred

I create prototypes, come up with (and implement) innovative ideas, consult on application intergration and developemt, work on cloud deployment, like to keep up with technology (mostly web/mobile-web), generally hacking on things. I love the geo-web and social-media space.


Creative solutions, mapping APIs and technologies, rapid prototyping, front end engineering, user interface designs, web applications optimization, technical communication, ArcGIS web & mobile-web applications, solution engineering & architecture.


Startups & emerging business, lean methodologies, geo-web space, social media, realtime and streaming data, geo-mashups, open services, responsive mapping applications, cloud based solutions & architecture, integrating web to mobile, geo-games.

Technologies I am currently working on

ArcGIS Web API's,, Dojo, jQuery, HTML5, Canvas, Javascript, Nodejs, Sockets, Real-time apps, MongoDB, Restful services ....

Also know

CometD, JSP, ASP.Net MVC, REST, Servlets, ArcGIS, ArcIMS, Flex, XML-RPC ...

Dream Job

Part of start-up in my hometown (Bangalore, India)

Special note to Recruiters: I am happy with my current job, please do not spam with generic oppurtunites emails.

  • Work
    • Esri Applications Prototype Lab