Solease M. Barner

Solease M. Barner

Solease has used writing as an outlet since grade school.

While at the University of Michigan she was forced to take

literary classes and her love for writing increased even more.

Solease graduated from the University of Michigan with a

Bachelors in Sociology and went on to graduate from Kaplan

University with a Master's in Criminal Justice. During her time

in higher education she continued to write with increasingly

deep love for the craft. While her career passion is Criminal

Justice, her first love is writing poetry and short stories.

InThe Sleeper, first novel in 'The Secrets of the Ghosts' trilogy,

Holiday Towley is a loving, perfect wife and mother that holds a dark secret.

Set in a beautiful suburban neighbourhood in Michigan, Holiday's dark

secret is soon revealed when her daughter's safety is compromised. Life

becomes more complex as Holiday finds out the truth of who she really is,

and realizes that she possesses a special gift that will change her life forever.

It is this gift that she hopes will protect her daughter from the life she has kept hidden.