Scott Bellware

Scott Bellware is Software Product Designer, Developer, and Manager. Scott is a student of Toyota's methods and culture, and has been invited to speak and teach the application of this approach to software development at industry events and workshops in North America and Europe. Scott founded Lean Software Austin in 2009 to promote professional development and learning community for software development professionals in Central Texas. He's a specialist in transitioning monolithic applications to microservices and service-oriented architecture. Scott began programming in 1980, and has worked professionally in software since 1990. Along the way, he has worked with organizations such as The Department of National Defense in Ottawa, Canada, the Mexican Trade Delegation to Canada, Rackspace Hosting, Microsoft, Baker-Hughes, Zep Manufacturing, McLane Advanced Technologies, Chevron Canada, Environmental Resource Management, and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, amongst others. Scott is an indomitable pursuer of root causes and analysis, and a tenacious challenger of anything that gets in the way of breakthroughs. He is a teacher, student, organizer, and activist who strives to communicate simple and powerful software development topics that become calcified in esoteric language and preferences. Having been educated in French in his youth, Scott now lives in Austin, Texas where he works tirelessly to defeat the remnants of passive voice in his inner monologue.