Sarah Beth Wheeler

Falmouth Mass

Sarah Beth Wheeler

Falmouth Mass

"Through the expression of poetry and words God has gifted me a voice .By healing trauma through Art and God, I seek to use that voice to help heal others."

Published Poetry Works by Sarah Beth Wheeler:

Poem "Recycled" Lucidity Journal Volume 21 Winter 2006 Number 2

Poem "Forgery" Lucidity Journal Volume 23 Summer 2008 November 1

2005 3rd Place Winner Poem "Three Sisters" Dancing Poetry Festival Artists Embassy international San Francisco, CA

Sarah is a prolific poet who has just released her new CD titled,

"The Unforgivable Ghetto" now available on Amazon Music online

About The CD:
Are you ready for the next new audio experience? Poety and music! Join New England artists and poet/author, Sarah Beth Wheeler, for 11 tracks of her own vocally performed and inspired poetry, accompanied by the original underscore of musician, Tommy Arsenal. When poetry and music unite, you will enjoy an intense and inspirational audio experience. Track 12 is an original song written and performed by Sarah, accompanied by Tommy and vocalist, Ticia Glover.

Sarah Beth also is The Host of her own Blog Talk Radio show.
Host on God Allows U There's Life After Drugs Show: Testimonies...with Sarah Beth Wheeler LIVE Wednesday 11:30 a.m. EST

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