Peter Scargill

Software Engineer and Writer in Galera, Spain

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Born in 1954, I live generally in the heart of Northumberland (UK) or Galera in Andalucia with my wife Maureen and (currently) 2 cats. I have a daughter and 5 grandchildren. I am enthusiastic about life, about travel, technology, understanding how we got here and where we're heading. I have family in the UK and in America and friends around the world. A gadget lover and keen on cinema, I built my first radio at 12 and contributed a sizeable article to Dr Dobbs magazine in 1982 as well as articles in Byte, Creative Computing, PC-World and many others. By 1990 I was designing speech systems using PIC microcontrollers.

I am continually refreshing my technical skills including mastering the ESP8266/32, Atmega and similar microcontrollers as well sharpening my C/C#/C+, Node.JS and other technical skills, mastering video and audio production, Lua, MQTT, Node-Red, Visual Basic, B4A etc... building our home in Andalucia and so much more. I recently achieved 14 unopposed years as National IT Chairman and director of the UK's leading business organisation (the FSB) and have been involved in various projects in Europe, travelling frequently to Brussels and around the UK. I'm now looking for different challenges and run a very successful tech blog.

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