Shawn Carney

Brooklyn, NY

I create joyful hand-drawn illustrations featuring whimsical creatures, everyday objects, and inspirational messages. Authenticity is inherently important in my life and shines through in my art.

I spend my spare time reading the quiet histories found in cracks, crevices, rusted out relics, and frayed edges. Finding beauty in the everyday objects that surround us, even those objects discarded as too weathered or worn, is at the heart of my artwork. The New York Metropolitan area inspires me. From Long Island’s boat hulls, marsh grasses and driftwood beaches to Brooklyn’s water towers, fire escapes and city skylines, I explore both rural and urban artifacts in my work.

In the midst of today's rush and tumble world, I strive to capture those fleeting, transitional instants between the past and the future. My aim is to represent this moment right now, portraying a mindful glimpse of what simply is…

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