Scheduling Institute

Dentistry is a field of medicine that is quite challenging to market. In order for you to generate clients, you have to make sure that you are not the only one who is competent, but as well as your staff. The front desk staff is the first person and front liner in dentistry marketing. Research showed that about 80% of front desk staff doesn’t know how to effectively converse and deal with patients. Always keep in mind that in business first impression matters.

Scheduling Institute is a private corporation run by Jay Geier. It aims to help dentists come up with effective strategy to market their business, generate higher income, and live their life the way

they want to. There are various services offered by Scheduling Institute and they are as follows:

On-site training

More than 26 types of on-site training are offered by Scheduling Institute to its clients. There are several focus topics such as dentistry marketing, finding new clients, how to turn inquiry calls to actual clients, team building, and a whole lot more.

Hygiene Training

Scheduling Institute also offers hygiene on-site training led by registered dental hygienist. It focuses primarily on retaining patients, ways to increase production, efficiency, streamlining, and patient-center care.

Coaching Programs

Scheduling Institute launched its very first coaching program in 2007 named as the Platinum Coaching Program. The actual coaching is led by Jay Geier. On top of that, there will also be on-site training, workshops, and telephone accountability. A 5X Coaching Program is also offered by Scheduling Institute, which encompasses all the services offered by the company. With this program, you will be able to grow your business five times better than its current size within the span of ten years. If you strictly adhere with the tools and techniques, then you can possibly grow your business five times more in a span of three years.


The Scheduling Institute has launches its very own school in 2010. “The U” is a school where the dentist’s staff and other members of the team can enroll to further enhance their knowledge and skills in the role they perform in a team. For an instance, a front desk officer is taught of ways to answer calls and deal with clients who walk in and out of the