Schlomo Rabinowitz

Brand Strategist in Portland, Oregon

Schlomo Rabinowitz

Brand Strategist in Portland, Oregon

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Enabler to the Stars

Help companies and individuals craft tone, message, and content channels in hopes to break the steeple and bring all the people.

My work has been highlighted on NPR, CBS, NBC, Cnet, NYTimes, LATimes, and other dead tree publications.

Lately, I have been dabbling in experiential marketing and events with one of the first Chatbot conferences ever called Talkabot as well as doing some business development strategy for TechfestNW.

Through this work, I have started to work with brands to create marketing funnels through messenger apps, which I believe drive sales through a mix of video, text, photos, and listening.

I have also owned a couple bars in SF; most notably, I used to own House Of Shields, the second-oldest in town.

And of course I have made a couple small companies that has had Techcrunch label me an "Entreprenuer". So I have that going for me, I guess.

CURRENT EXCITEMENT: Porchland, where I'm trying to acquaint myself with how interesting we all are. It's working.

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