Katrin Zöfel

Science Reporter in Cologne, Germany

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Katrin studied biology, moved on to science journalism and learned how to find and write well-researched stories.

As a Science Reporter she informs based on facts, but also gives her own view on new, sometimes controversial scientific developments.

Her focus is on neurobiology and cancer, but also on evolution, ecology, and agriculture. She has traveled to Colombia, the US, Canada, Namibia, Zambia, the Philippines.

In 2015 Katrin was one of 12 science journalists at the European Cancer Congress in Vienna through a stipend by the European School of Oncology. In 2014, Katrin was the runner up for the Best Cancer Reporter award given by the European School of Oncology. In 2012 her first big trip as a science reporter brought her to Zambia to report about nutrient rich orange maize.


December 17: Bad luck or extrinsic factors - What's the cause of cancer? broadcast on @Deutschlandfunk.

December 16: Genetically engineered mosquitoes to fight Malaria. broadcast on @Deutschlandfunk.

October 9: Immunotherapy in Cancer - can the hype deliver?

August 16: "The mouse - my avatar!" a feature about the use of mice in cancer research.

May 27: "Orange Maize raises Vitamin A levels in the body".

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