ScienZe, MC

I am a Brooklyn native aimed to change lives through music, therefore I consider myself a "Change Agent." At the age of 9, was introduced to hip-hop through making beats with my brother on a Casio Keyboard. Since then, I've been in love with creating masterpieces through speakers. After years of sharpening my craft, I took on the moniker "ScienZe" as science is the study of all things, and I am the study of Hip-Hop. I am now happily married to the dream. While I pursue my dreams of being an artist, I find it necessary to balance such a feat with education. I am currently a student at Brooklyn College studying Africana Studies and Sociology. Although I love making music, I believe a solid education would further me artistically, as well as academically. I've figured out that one dream doesn't necessarily have to stop another one from happening. Instead, they can help each other become reality. I believe that as a people, we can bring positive social change, whether it be through music, or education, and I plan to use both to achieve that goal.