Scot Duke

Operations Director/Consultant in Addison, Texas

Scot Duke

Operations Director/Consultant in Addison, Texas

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There are not many of us left anymore…,or should I say… available. Those of us who are capable of doing what I do and have experience in doing what I know how to do are becoming very rare.

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I am the Director of Operations for SyncLab Media and Social Media Director for eGolfGroup.

I have deep experience in process management, business operations and understand first-hand how social media really works in the business world today.

I spent over 30 years in the middle of some of the worst messes a fortune 100 corporation can get its operations into and was part of the many solutions that got them straightened out.

Crisis management is in my blood, solid solutions are in my DNA and ‘not stopping until the job is done’ is just my way of life for me.

If you are a business person needing someone to help make the business decisions you have to make…I am your man.

If you need someone to fill in your foursome…I can do that as well.

…I mentor…I consult…I coach…I manage…I help…I play golf...and most important…I LISTEN!

…I am serious…I have fun and I am part of the solution..not the problem!



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Rock Music Buff

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My Web-Sites:

I favor Google+

Business Golf Country Club

Mr Business Golf

I am inspired by individuals with big ideas and who dream of making them real. I choose to work only with those who believe it is possible to make a buck while making a difference.

My mantra is: To get things done, keep it simple. For more than 30 years, I navigated Fortune 100 operations issues by delivering crisis management and other solutions for positive outcomes.

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