Scot Rourke

Small Business Owner and Independent Consultant in United States

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Elevara - Independent Business Consulting For Entrepreneurs and Executives (relaunching in 2019)

Scot Rourke founded Elevara in 2013. An entrepreneur with a portfolio filled with startup success stories, he established Elevara to help other businesses thrive. Though the consulting firm went on hiatus in 2015, Rourke is currently booting up a relaunch. In particular, he is aiming to connect with entrepreneurs and executives in need of improvement strategies. Innovative and inventively minded, Elevara will offer businesses the tool kit they need to grow their profits. Scot Rourke's consulting company will specialize in strategic planning, executive coaching, supply change management, governance and various business growth approaches.

Scot Rourke holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with focuses on Psychology and Org. Development, which he received in 1992 from the University of Michigan. While enrolled, he networked through campus societies. He was an active participant in student-led politics and a proud member of the Psi Upsilon fraternity.