Scott McCauliffe

Designer, Artist, and Writer in Englewood, Colorado

Hello Everyone,

I' m Scott and I'm a creative person. I've been working creatively my whole life. I started out pursuing photography and both a hobby and a career. Now I do graphic design for both fun and profit. I also am an active writer. I worked for Hush Comics, a geek blog based in Denver, CO. I do a lot of creative writing in my spare time. I wrote a comic book and I'm currently working on a novel.

I design posters and fun things in my spare time. I have my own Etsy shop called Geekly Decor. I've been working in the design field professionally for four years now in various capacities.

I'm a fun, easy going person with lots of passion. I'm also a very happy family man with a loving wife and three beautiful little boys.

  • Work
    • The Villager
  • Education
    • Community College of Denver