Scott Serkland

Mad Creator in Phoenix, Arizona

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Scott Serkland was once a mild mannered illustrator and designer. That was until the effects of an unfortunate incident involving a microwave oven and a can of processed squeeze cheese changed his life forever.

Now Serkland burns the midnight oil in his underground factory/laboratory creating robots, aliens zombies, and other imminent threats to humanity in his never ending quest to take over the world. Serkland soon discovered that world domination is a lonely business so he formed Serkworks Art Labs in order to help like-minded would-be world conquerors achieve the same level of success. In doing so, Serkworks Art Labs has introduced a line of geeky mad science themed products. Serkworks’ brand merchandise is perfect for decorating your own secret lair, accenting your personal madcap style, or assisting you in devising your maniacal master plan.

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