Scott Ellison II

Monument, Colorado, United States

I was born near Chicago, Illinois. I grew up listening to metal and hard rock as it was the thing my parents were into in the 80s. My parents even introduced me to gaming. Ever since then I've been bouncing between console and then the booming PC gaming industry.

I joined the Marine Corps and was in for just about 5 years. I was stationed in 29 Palms, CA the whole time. Now out in the civilian world, I've worked for various places. I currently reside in Monument, Colorado working for NetSuite as a Professional Services Analyst.

In my free time when I'm not being all Husband-like or Father-like, I continue to game, now on my PC and PS4. In late 2010, I Co-Created Saving Content with my friend Ed and covering and ever-growing website about all the videogames you care about.

Another passion of mine is staring at the stars. I've loved it as a child and got my first telescope when I was 10 years old. Astronomy is amazing. I could talk about what I know for hours.

  • Work
    • Editor-in-Chief of Saving Content
    • Professional Services Analyst for NetSuite